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Evangelizing The World
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Christian Alliance Ministries Worldwide

The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ

Northwestern Christian University

Northwestern Theological Seminary

Celebrating Over 33-Years of Christ Centered Ministry

Since 1980


The following is a partial listing of some of our Ministry, Advisors and  Directors.


The following individuals are appointed staff members who serve as valued Directors and (or)  Advisors of Christian Alliance Ministries, Northwestern Theological Seminary and Northwestern Christian University.


Presiding Bishop, Dr. Howard "Matt" Sarkela,  Ph.D., Th.D., D.D.
Founder and Presiding Bishop: CAM/ WCJC/ NTS/ NCU



Bishop, Dr. Samuel Galloza,  Ph.D., D.D.
President:  Northwestern Theological Seminary / Northwestern Christian Univ. Founder: NTS Library        


Bishop, Dr. Jefferson Ghauri, D.D.    

Vice President: International Ministries


Bishop, Dr. James Feazell Jr., Th.D.

Bishop; The Worldwide Church of Jesus     

Department Head: Pastoral Ministries   NTS / NCU


Rev. Dr. Miguel Contreras Ph.D., Th.D., D.D. 
Vice President: Worldwide; Internet Security.
Department Head: Christian Counseling and Social Work



Bishop, Dr. Carlos Molina, D.D.
Worldwide Spanish Branch Division
Department Head: Pastoral Education, Spanish Division


Rabbi Dr. Esor Ben-Sorek, Ph.D.
Department Head: Old Testament History and Hebrew Studies


Dr. David Odgers,  D.D.
Director: Systems Analysis/Computer Technology, U.S.A.
Department Head: Communications and Administration


Bishop Dr. E. Joshua Emmanuel D.D                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Department Head: Christian Education


Yolanda Rivera, Registrar/ Administrative Assistant: NTS / NCU


Bishop: Dr. Marcus Benson, D.D. Director of Ministry: Ireland


Rev. Daniel Limbu, Director of Ministry: Nepal .                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Bishop, Dr. Solomon Okoro, D.D. Director of Ministry/ Education Benin, W. Africa

Pastor Jean Claude Soupin, Director of Ministry: Madagascar, Africa

Pastor Lawrence Sarker, Director of Ministry: Bangladesh

Rev. Marcus Ramampuk, Director of Television and Radio Education: Indonesia

Pastor Actor Ovoh, Director of Ministry: Nigeria, Africa


Rev. Rafael Lopez and Prof. Elena Lamboy, Regional Ministry Director: Puerto Rico

Bishop Dr. B. P. Ravikumar, Regional Ministry Director: India

Rev. Dr. Chris Wright, Regional Ministry Director: New Zealand

Pastor Amos D. Gbenro, Director of Ministry: South Africa

Rev. Dr. Angelique Dawn Adams M.Th. Director: Prison and Prayer Ministries, U.S.A.   


To contact any faculty advisor, mentor or director, state their name in the subject of an e-mail and send your communication to

Our faculty advisors, directors and department heads are all competent professionals, some of whom may provide instruction, evaluation, guidance and (or) valuable counsel in the development and application of our curriculum. All assignments are carefully evaluated and graded with the utmost of concern, as we desire to see each of our students advance in acquiring the knowledge that they will need to perform as competent Christian professionals.